The Most Straight Forward Reason Trump Will Be Inaugurated on January, 20th 2021

Evidence of Fraud is Readily Apparent

We all knew that fraud had occurred as soon as all of the battleground states simultaneously halted the counting of ballots. We knew that we would be going through this long post-election battle as soon as that happened. After all of the evidence that has been documented over the past 6 weeks, the following are now indisputable facts:

  1. There is enough valid evidence to prove the election was stolen.
  2. On top of this evidence, laws in several battleground states were broken.

The Court System and SCOTUS

Democrats are quick to say “the courts have thrown out all of Trump’s cases because there is no fraud!” This is, on its face, blatantly wrong. The court system throughout the United States, including the Supreme Court, have refused to “hear” these cases and rule on the merits.

January 6th, 2021

On January 6th, 2021, Congress will hold a joint session to validate the election. Electoral votes have been cast by each of the states’ electors. According to the Constitution, the Vice President will open sealed certificates and the votes will be counted. There are several instances in play which will cause dispute, however.

  1. Fact 2: Several Representatives and at least one Senator have come out to say they will be contesting the electoral votes. When this happens, a 2 hour session is conducted and the House and the Senate each vote on whether to reject the votes. You need a majority from both to reject the votes. We know that the House will not vote to reject the Biden slate. The question becomes, however, what about the Trump slate? It goes both ways. You must have both majorities in order to reject the slate as disputed. This brings about many questions and ambiguity.
  2. Fact 3: If neither candidate receives a majority (for example, slates are rejected so that both candidates are left with under 270 votes), the House from each state casts a single vote for President, while the Senate from each state casts a single vote for Vice President. In these circumstances, Trump and Pence both have the majority.
  3. Fact 4: In 1960, dueling slates of electors were submitted. Nixon, as Vice President, single-handedly rejected one slate and accepted another. Does the Vice President have the power to do such?
  4. Follow Up Questions: If votes are illegal, are certified slates legal? Are certified slates with illegal votes MORE or LESS legal than slates of electors cast ambiguously by the opposite party electors? Does breaking voting laws deem such votes illegal?

The Big Picture

Now, take all of the information you just read and ask yourself this question: If Trump is declared winner by the counting of all ‘electoral votes,’ or the rejection of slates by Vice President Pence, how do the Democrats solve this?